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Welcome to Michelle Landry Portraits. Below, you will find galleries that display samples of my work. Please enjoy viewing some of the great moments captured.
SENIORS        slide show
High School Seniors, check this out!

Maternity Portraits        slide show
Capture those precious moments of pregnancy, they don't last long!

Newborn Portraits        slide show
Oh, what can be more precious!

Babies!        slide show
How much they change in the first year!

Toddlers!        slide show
They wiggle, they waddle, and they make us laugh!

Award Winning Photography        slide show
Just wanted to share some of my award winning images. Enjoy!

Photo Restoration        slide show
There is always that ONE photograph in need of restoration. In most case, I can help you with this.

Adams (private)        slide show

Bertrand (private)        slide show

Broussard (private)        slide show

Byrd (private)        slide show

Byrd Mugshots (private)        slide show

Case (private)        slide show

Farnsworth (private)        slide show

Greenway (private)        slide show

Grubb (private)        slide show

Hannam (private)        slide show

Knijn (private)        slide show

Moore (private)        slide show

Prejean (private)        slide show

Rome (private)        slide show

Savoie (private)        slide show

Sibille (private)        slide show

Stefanski (private)        slide show

Tynes (private)        slide show

1 (private)        slide show

2 (private)        slide show

3 (private)        slide show

4 (private)        slide show

5 (private)        slide show

6 (private)        slide show

7 (private)        slide show

8 (private)        slide show

9 (private)        slide show

10 (private)        slide show

GRADUATE (private)        slide show


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